Importance of Chemistry in Our Daily Life

What is the importance of chemistry in our daily life?


Importance of Chemistry in Our Daily Life

Chemistry, that branch of science, with the help of which we easily get all the food items and all the items of need in our daily life. Such as medicine, food, sterilizing agents, etc., we get it only with the help of chemistry. That is, we can say that the importance of chemistry in our daily life is very high. We cannot even imagine a happy life without chemistry.

If told, chemistry has penetrated every aspect of our daily life. A variety of personal care products, canned foods, computer circuits, television screens, colors of houses, the cold of the refrigerator, and the beauty of a face exist and are improved thanks to Chemistry.

Chemistry is a science that is always active and constantly growing, its importance is very important in our daily world. Example- When we eat food, food gives us energy. Which is produced through various chemical reactions within our cells. With the help of this energy, we can play, break, read, and do our work as well as do other activities.


Chemical reactions play an important role in every process that occurs on our planet. From the largest, like sunlight, to the smallest, such as atoms moving inside our nostrils. Carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen by the leaves of plants. As a result, plants have been the main source of drugs for thousands of years and have been the base for the current pharmacopeia.

The Importance of Organic Chemistry in Our Daily Life

Throughout our body, things are moved by mechanisms based on chemistry. The way our bodies work, so perfectly coordinated, so synchronized, that millions of cells move in unison like a giant orchestra, is still a mystery to us. The vitamins, hormones, and amino acids travel from one region of the body to another. As new organic chemistry discoveries are made, we are given a little light but we are also given thousands of new questions. Rather than knowing us, we realize that we don't really know any of this.

In which areas of our daily life the importance of chemistry is more.

Chemistry is very much used in many places in our daily life. The following are some of these examples.

1. Chemistry and medicine

All the medicines that we take when we are hurt and sick are all made with the help of chemistry. Hence medicine, which is understood as a field of study, is much more closely related to organic chemistry. The organic matter is used to manufacture medicines such as antibiotics, cancer medicines, and analgesics, and anesthesia.


2. Chemistry and sterilizing agents

Most sterilizing agents, such as phenol and formaldehyde, are made of carbon. All these agents are studied under organic chemistry. All sterilants, based on carbon, are used to kill bacteria and other microbes.

3. Chemistry and Economics

Many organic compounds, such as diamond, graphite, and petroleum, are considered very valuable. Diamond and graphite are made of pure carbon, that is, no other element is present in them, both of them are useful metals and they are also very expensive. Oil is one of the most valuable resources in the world and economically, it is one of the most influential substances.


Various chemical processes can be used to transform this into other resources that humans might need, such as gasoline and tires. Chemists are very useful in the oil industry since they can create processes to transform oil and make the most of it.

4. Chemistry and biology

In studying molecules at the molecular level, biology and chemistry are closely related. The principles of chemistry are also relevant to cell biology because cells are made up of chemical substances. An organism produces multiple chemical reactions at the same time, including digestion, respiration, photosynthesis, among others.

5. Chemistry and food

The study of organic chemistry involves carbon, the substance found in food. A food's chemical composition is best illustrated by its carbohydrate content.

6. Chemistry and agriculture

Fertilizer is an organic or inorganic chemical that is added to the soil to give it the necessary nutrients to become productive. Studies on agricultural production have shown that commercial fertilizers can increase yields by up to 60%. Agriculture relies on scientific advances, mainly in the chemistry field, to optimize production, which is why they are so important today.

Agricultural Chemistry

Both organic and inorganic fertilizers can maximize agricultural production when used in the right amounts. Organic products, however, contain a higher concentration of chemicals needed for plant growth.

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