How other species learn new things

How other species learn new things


Different types of species live in the jungles and they keep learning something new every day. Which makes their life even easier. As long as they keep learning, they also exist. But if they stop learning then they will not be able to live a better life and their existence will also not last long. That is to say, knowledge equals existence. But the question here is how do all these species learn new things.

How do all species learn new things?

Whether we talk about species in the forest or we talk about humans, we all learn new things in two ways.

First, we learn what our parents teach us. And second, in all species some qualities are innate. Like animals can smell, birds can fly. And as these animals keep getting older, these qualities of theirs become even more capable.

The Qualities that organisms learn from their Parents.

Like our parents, the parents of animals and animals also keep teaching them something new in their life every day. Like a lion in his childhood does not know how to hunt. But when he sees his parents hunting, he keeps on trying like them and learns to hunt.

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At the same time, birds first teach their children to fly, then teach them to protect themselves from other dangerous birds. And when birds learn to fly, they use this ability to find food for themselves by going to different places for themselves. Birds also learn this quality of finding food from their parents.

But if we talk about the animals that live in the zoo. They do not learn new qualities like all other animals. They only learn what the zoo's master teaches them. The lion of the zoo does not know how to hunt properly. Because in the zoo, he keeps getting food while sitting. Due to this, he is not able to use his real power in his life.

All these qualities of all species are passed on from generation to generation. For example, some species of whale fish give birth to their young in the tropics, which is why they often last for several months. But when their babies are born, they go back to the cold water where their feeding grounds are located. Newborns of whales also accompany them.


But throughout this journey, babies learn a specific path from their mothers, which they follow throughout their lives. Their journey is remarkably long. For example, a beluga whale travels about 3,700 miles, or more than 6,000 kilometers, throughout the year.


Those Qualities that are innate in all Species

Like us, animals and animals also keep learning something new from their parents and friends. But we all have some of the other qualities which are innate in us.

As birds have an innate ability to fly. But this quality of theirs increases only when someone forces them to use this quality of theirs. For example, the parents of animals try to force their children to fly. So that they can learn to fly as soon as possible and live their life as they wish. If they do not learn to fly, their power will go to waste and they will depend on others for food throughout their life.

Similarly, monkeys and langurs have very good skills in performing acrobatics on trees. This skill of theirs also increases more and more with time. Leopard can run at about 58 km/h but when it is small it is not able to run that fast. But with time, as he keeps on running after his prey, his speed becomes more and more.

Monkeys play on tree

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