Do Aliens Exist? Here’s What a NASA Scientist Has to Say About It



There is an eternal question on the mind of every space enthusiast - does life exist outside Earth? Despite many space missions, we have not been able to find any traces of life outside our planet so far. However, every now and then we hear about a UFO sighted in some part of the world. Most of the time, these visions turn out to be false alarms. And others remain a mystery. Given that the universe is infinite, we have barely scratched the surface. So the possibility of finding extraterrestrial life is wide open. A NASA scientist has tried to answer questions about aliens and whether they exist.

in a video of nasa Astrobiology expert Dr. Lindsay Hayes' Instagram page says it's a really interesting question - one that scientists have been trying to understand and explore for a really long time. Still, they have not been able to find life on any other planet.

But, she adds, NASA continues to look for signs of life beyond Earth. The US space agency has sent five rovers and four landers here. Mars planet. In addition, their orbiters, equipped with incredibly high-resolution cameras, keep an eye on the Martian surface. Yet, so far only a small fraction of Mars has been detected. The more they explore, the more they learn about the different environments for life to exist.

"So we can't say yet whether or not aliens exist," Hayes said.

She then quotes American astronomer and best-selling author Carl Sagan, "The universe is a huge place. If it's just us, that sounds like a horrible waste of space. "

NASA scientist promises to continue the search for life on other planets.

However, many users said that life exists outside Earth and it was only a matter of time before NASA discovered it. "Of course they do! They do!" User griffith.david1 commented on the post.

“If they do, we better hope they are friendly,” commented user sputnixworld.

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